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From Gym Teacher to Info-Marketing Multi-Millionaire…

By Daniel Levis | July 3, 2014

Ryan LeeThe best way to describe our Mid-Month Marketing Magic Hour Podcast guest is: Hustle and Flow…

And that’s exactly how master marketer (and all around good guy) Ryan Lee, bootstrapped himself from struggling gym teacher, living in his parents basement, to Info-Marketing multi-millionaire.

The subtleties of success that Ryan shares during our chat are priceless.  They go WAY BEYOND the boiler plate marketing strategies and techniques all of the dime-a-dozen, new-jack marketing goo-roos are preaching these days.

It’s never been more important to connect deeply with your market… and the best way to begin doing that is to put the subtle nuances Ryan lays out to work in your business.

Enjoy and please leave us a comment below.

Cast of Characters: Andy Thompson, Moderator… Daniel Levis, Host… Ryan Lee, Special Guest and Master Marketer… plus Groovy Music by Dr. Joe Vitale

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8 Responses to “From Gym Teacher to Info-Marketing Multi-Millionaire…”

  1. VScott says:

    Thank you for the interview with Ryan Lee; it was very interesting and informative. I appreciate you.

  2. These last 10 minutes were a great reminder of why I’ve always been so attracted to Ryan’s message. Business with ethics!

  3. Renee says:

    Great life and business perspective – be a good person, provide a “Welcome Mat”, honor one’s customers, provide what people need and want in a way that supports them (no matter what the price point of your product/service).
    Practical tips for growing a business to the different levels.
    His life story inspires me to keep going and growing.
    I love his success tips to love every minute, focus on The One Thing, avoid stress, find a place to be creative (away from your mundane task area), and take calculated risks.

  4. Stephen Newdell says:

    This address is so warm and cozy I’ve decided to spend at least a half hour here every morning. Thanks for all you’re teaching me.

  5. Steve Newdell says:

    Thanks Daniel for all you’re teaching! I plan to spend a half hour (at least) here every morning and make these “lessons” a habitual part of my life.

  6. Diann Corsnitz says:

    I just pushed the download button for 147 Opening Line Idea Starters for Email Market on Fire and I went to a page with a video and a promo for a product but no free ebook. Can you send me a link to this promised ebook? You already have my email several times. How about keeping up your end of the bargain.


  7. CSGO says:

    What’s happening, great web page you have at this time there

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