YES DANIEL, I "GET IT"... that E-MAIL is a different animal, but if used correctly, is STILL the most powerful, most personal, cheapest, fastest, easiest, and most profitable marketing medium... BAR NONE!

Even better than Facebook and Twitter!

I want to crank up my E-Mail marketing because it’s STILL the best way to make sales, build customer relationships and lists, and keep clients and customers on the edge of their seats...just waiting to hear from (and BUY from) ME!

PLUS I WANT the instant power of the GUERILLA LAUNCH. I don’t have tens-of-thousands of dollars (plus 6 months) to deal with a Hollywood crew and create those studio quality videos…

I have to make money NOW!

  • That’s precisely why I want your 10 paint-by-numbers email templates for AUTOMATIC world-class email sales copy and my very first high-converting EMAIL ALCHEMY campaign. I just fill in the blanks and out pops 10 order-pulling email masterpieces with your full license to use.
  • Plus I want to climb inside your head as you dissect those same PROVEN e-mails, line-by-line, over the next 8 weeks.

  • I understand there will be 5, 2+ hour webinars and with study guides, worksheets and templates that FORCE me to internalize and implement these new skill sets.

  • PLUS, I want the bi-monthly BONUS BUNDLE of targeted, skill-strengthening exercises; the copywriting checklists; your secret lists of IDIOMS, METAPHORS, and SIMILES… to make my E-MAILS SIZZLE… and GET my customers to DEVOUR them!

  • And please give me a partner and your “Hook-Extracting Checklist,” so together with my fellow “Alchemist,” I can discover the hidden hot buttons, “hooks,” and most persuasive stories that exist right NOW in MY OWN business!

As usual, there’s never any risk. I’m totally covered by your famous 30-to-1 ROI GUARANTEE! If Email Alchemy doesn’t give me the tools and strategies to put a minimum of $30K in additional cash into my merchant account over the next year I’ll ask for my money back and you’ll give it to me.

SO SIGN ME UP NOW… I Want to “Get Cracking” Immediately, while I can still lock in these sensational savings and bonuses.

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