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Here’s where you can access my best selling information products. These are my best insights, systems, and strategies for growing your business more quickly and profitably.

The Web Marketing Advisor – 42 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Online Sales is a 235 page paperback reference about online persuasion. If you’re a freelance copywriter or web entrepreneur who lives and dies by your financial results, this rare book will become your lead and sales generation Bible.

The Goal Getting Guide – This practical brainstorming and planning tool is the ultimate weapon for rapid achievement. Contains 14 worksheets and a proven roadmap for adding 10,000 subscribers to your email list in the next 3 months.

The Info-Product Creation Crucible – 7 Crucial “Money Tests” For Zeroing In On The Million Dollar IDEAS That Will Make You RICH… And Ditching the Time and Money Wasting Losers Before They Bleed You Dry …

The Best of Persuasion Mastery ClubLethally effective secrets for honest, ethical influence – guaranteed to explode your business, or your money back!

The 5R Web Conversion System – Here’s how you can immediately begin re-invigorating your marketing for higher response, and start pumping profitable new growth into your business — GUARANTEED!

Effortless Influence — How to Master the Art of The Sales Story. As the title suggests, this course is about telling masterful sales stories. It’s the ultimate marketing resource for selling to people without them feeling like they are being sold, resulting in increased conversion… higher margins… and dramatically enhanced lifetime customer value.

Quantum Income Leap — The Fastest Way to 6 Figures and Beyond as an In-Demand Coach, Consultant or Freelancing Pro! Stop devaluing your expertise with authority crushing client-getting methods that sentence you to long hours at low pay. Here’s the definitive, step-by-step guide to effortlessly attracting discriminating new clients that are happy to pay your premium prices.

Email Alchemy “ELITE” – Generate a Tsunami of Orders Within Days to Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Sales! My advanced, step-by-step system for crafting email promotions that result in serious profits in days. All ingeniously embedded in a series of 100+ amazing PAINT-BY-NUMBERS templates for “rinse and repeat” success. Plus, you can get UNLIMITED, PRIVATE email-based coaching with me!

Email Alchemy, Track I — Turn Unproductive, Ready-to-be-Deleted, Road Kill Lists into Your Own Fort Knox and Solid Gold Profits. 8-hours of pure email marketing heresy for faster, easier, cheaper persuasion and rockin’ profits from every kind of list!

Email Alchemy, Track II — Advanced list Profit Extraction – The Master Class! For Maximum, A-to-Z EMAIL Leverage… Advanced Writing, Campaign Strategizing, Real-World PROOF, Joint-Venture Negotiation, Client Attraction, $20K in Done-4-You Marketing, and High-Profit Extraction from the Most Stubborn Lists!

Introducing the Ultimate No-Franchise Franchise… EMAIL ALCHEMY III… where you can outperform brand name franchises (or ANY other business) for pennies-on-the-dollar — with only a laptop and a HOT internet connection.

Campaign Conversion Multiplier is the latest iteration of my own personal, proven model for looking at the creation (or optimization) of your entire sales funnel, from the front end initial acquisition of a customer, right through to your highest ticket, highest touch back end offerings.

What you’ll find at the above links is the result of over 20 years in the sales and marketing trenches. Go ahead and browse around. You’re almost guaranteed to find something useful you can add to your business building arsenal.


Daniel Levis